Autotronics, Inc. is a woman-owned small business corporation founded in 1956 devoted exclusively to the design, development, and manufacture of miniature electro-mechanical clutches, brakes, and solenoids. Their devices are utilized in a wide array of military, medical, industrial, and commercial applications. Custom products designed to fit your application are their specialty. They also manufacture a wide range of torque watches or indicators.

Autotronics has established a reputation with its customers as the industry's foremost provider of precision devices delivered on time with zero defects. These achievements are accomplished by performing all machining, finishing, and assembly operations in one plant, with complete quality control over every process from receipt of raw material to shipment of finished goods. Customer satisfaction is their primary concern!

Examine Autotronics' standard products and speak directly with their engineers about your specifications. Compare quality, pricing, delivery, and response time to that of their competitors. Then send them an e-mail, call, or send a fax and allow Autotronics to quote on products which match their capability. Whether you need one piece or thousands, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you for your interest in Autotronics’ products.
 Autotronics, Inc.

All Autotronics’ products are American Made

Autotronics, Inc.
Autotronics, Inc.

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