BEX has manufactured and sold spray nozzles and tank mixing eductors for over 50 years. Customers around the world rely on BEX for knowledgeable people, responsive delivery, consistent quality and flexible solutions.

In 1963, Norm Bowen was operating a small machine shop when a customer approached him with a problem. The customer needed a particular spray nozzle and was unable to find one. Being a recent Engineering graduate, Bowen was intrigued with the complexity and detail required in the small part. He took on the assignment with zeal, and produced his first spray nozzle. The customer was thrilled not only with the finished product, but the speed with which Norm produced the piece. Now, over 50 years later, Norm's son, Derek Bowen, continues the family business and tradition of designing and manufacturing quality products in the state of the art facility.

BEX has expanded into the United States and Europe, with sales offices in Ann Arbor, MI and Willich, Germany. Products are manufactured in Ontario and shipped to customers around the globe.

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