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Category: Electric Heaters
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Backer Marathon is the industry leader in production speed, and reliable, quality heaters for plastics and packaging, serving OEMs with durable, customized solutions for unique heating needs. Backer Marathon designs, manufactures, and stocks industrial-grade heating elements and temperature sensors.

OEMs in the plastics and packaging industries rely on our vast and customizable product lines for their diverse heating needs. Even industries as niche as golf utilize our heating technology expertise to craft the precision heat needed for manufacturing golf balls.

Our loyal customers have come to know that we anticipate their needs because we actively search for solutions. This is reflected in our advanced quality planning (AQP) lens focused on all that we do. It allows us to be nimble, congruent, and efficient with processes and production. We and our customers benefit from this lean, lessons-learned perspective for each new-or existing-project we successfully execute.

Product Catalog

Air Heaters
(70 Products)
Band Heaters
(140 Products)
Cartridge Heaters
(12,212 Products)
Coil Heaters
(62 Products)
Electric Heaters
(12,787 Products)
Flexible Heaters
(255 Products)

Technical Articles

Valve Heaters (Industrial Heaters and Heating Elements) One of the many custom products that Backer Marathon produces are in line valve heaters. The heaters can be built to fit over complex shapes and can be installed in the field without disassembling the... (View Full Article)
What Types of Heaters are used in Plastic Injection Molding? (Industrial Heaters and Heating Elements) Backer Marathon Heater's offers several cartridge heater styles with options for applications up to 1600°F. Choose from one of our thousands of in stock cartridge heater models or let our... (View Full Article)