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Category: Liquid Handling Pumps
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Bailey International LLC was founded in Owosso, Michigan in 1976 and is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. Bailey is a recognized leader in the mobile hydraulics industry due to its ability to manufacture and distribute custom and standard components, including Cylinders, Pumps, Motors, Valves, Hydraulic Power Units, and thousands of other products.

Bailey has a global manufacturing footprint, including a world-class facility in Knoxville, Tennessee that produces custom products used in the Construction, Agricultural, Transportation, Oil and Gas, Industrial, and Marine industries. Bailey is proud of its ability to serve the large markets, but it vows never lose sight of its roots in providing a full suite of products to small workshops and repair centers. That is why Bailey has multiple distribution centers throughout the United States, including our newest location in Reno, Nevada.

Bailey's CHIEF™ and MAXIM™ brands exceed all industry standards and are the benchmark in the markets they serve. You will find these brands used in many applications due to their highly engineered designs and unsurpassed value.

Bailey truly is the one-stop source for all your hydraulic needs! Visit Baileynet.com, or give their hydraulic specialists a call at 1.800.800.1810 to learn more about Bailey's hydraulic solutions, including:

OEM Manufacturing Solutions

  • Standard and custom-built cylinders and power units
  • Unique painting and labeling options
  • Hydraulic valve and hose assemblies
  • Design and Engineering support
  • Technical services
  • 3D models and design drawings

Dealer & Distributor Programs

  • Volume discounts
  • Priority same-day shipping on in-stock items
  • EDI web ordering
  • Customized sales support materials


  • Unmatched product selection
  • Same day shipment of thousands of products
  • Standard and custom solutions
  • Over 6,000 SKUs and $10 million in inventory

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