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Category: Video Cameras
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Basler Vision Technologies

Basler Vision Technologies develops, markets and sells high-performance digital camera solutions to professional users. They offer a complete portfolio of line scan and area scan cameras along with the hardware and software accessories needed to support them. Basler Vision Technologies? products include both CCD and CMOS based cameras with a wide variety of resolutions, speeds, and interface types.

Basler Vision Technologies is a global player in the vision technology industry with a worldwide sales and service network. Its headquarters are located in Ahrensburg, Germany with subsidiary locations in the United States and Singapore. An extensive network of dealers throughout Europe, the United States and the Asia-Pacific region is also available to serve you.

Basler Vision Technologies is an independent business unit of Basler Vision Technologies AG. Its mission is to listen closely to vision components users and to provide solutions that fit. At Basler Vision Technologies, your needs are always in focus.

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Technical Articles

Controlling Packet Transmission Timing with the Interpacket and Frame Transmission Delays on Basler GigE Vision Cameras (Machine Vision Equipment) Two parameters, frame start delay and interpacket delay, can be instrumental in controlling the orderly transmission of image data packets from basler cameras with a Gigabit Ethernet interface. These... (View Full Article)
Gigabit Ethernet (Machine Vision Equipment) A revolutionary new interface technology, Gigabit Ethernet, is being introduced to the vision industry. To leverage this new technology for the special demands of vision applications, some unique... (View Full Article)