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Category: IC Interconnect Components
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Bead Industries, Inc.Bead Electronics manufactures precision continuous reeled, solid-wire, and tubular contact pins for the telecom, automotive, connector, and lighting industries.

Our custom components deliver the performance of machined pins at the price of stamped, and they can be tooled in a fraction of the time at a modest cost.

The Bead-formed manufacturing process, called swaging, yields superior value. That's because it's a high-speed, virtually scrapless cold-forming process capable of producing small metal parts that are dimensionally consistent and inexpensive.

What sets Bead apart is our ability to deliver custom solutions designed to address unique customer challenges with rapid prototype and production development. If you need a custom interconnect, no one can deliver faster or more cost-effectively than Bead. We offer the highest level of service available -- demonstrated by over one hundred-plus years of customer loyalty.

Bead Industries, Inc.

Continuous Reeled Pins

Our unique Bead-formed process guarantees the highest quality continuous reeled pins for reliable automatic insertion.


Bead Industries, Inc.

Tubular Pins

Our unique Bead-formed process is fast, accurate, consistent and scrapless, delivering high quality tubular pins at 30-70% savings over machined contacts.


Bead Industries, Inc.

Solid Wire Pins

Bead's precision pin tips reduce insertion and mating forces by up to 35%. This makes them ideal for all your PCB, connector and wire wrap applications.

Bead Industries, Inc. Bead Industries, Inc.Bead Industries, Inc.

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