Belt Technologies designs and manufactures metal belting and conveyor systems for wide ranging applications in the automation, electronics, packaging, food processing, medical device, tobacco, and aerospace markets.

For over 50-years, Belt Technologies’ steel belts have provided customers a more effective solution for transporting components, driving equipment, food production and packaging throughout the process in what the belt was designed for. Used in high demanding environments and operations, the belts provide many benefits not found in alternative belting materials. They can be manufactured to extremely high tolerances. They do not show stretch like a chain or fabric belt. In short, they can be a superior way to convey motion.

The belts’ robust nature allows them to be designed specifically for the customer’s application and inherently is highly dependable and robust and well suited for demanding applications. As a result, component manufacturing, food processing and material handling, to name a few, can be moved precisely through the operational process.

Additionally, stainless steel belts from Belt Technologies are able to resist the high and low temperatures seen in many manufacturing and processing environments avoiding the quality-threatening belt degradation commonly seen with plastic and fabric belts. The belts longevity under intense operating conditions provides cost savings to manufacturers as a result of fewer belt changes and reduced down time.

Belt Technologies, Inc. Belt Technologies, Inc. Belt Technologies, Inc.
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Belt Technologies, Inc. Belt Technologies, Inc. Belt Technologies, Inc.
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