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Category: Alternative Power Generators
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Beltran Technologies, Inc. engineers and manufacturers of air pollution control systems is working with metallurgical plant operators around the world who are constantly seeking advanced gas cleaning technologies. The plants have to meet increasingly strict environmental regulations, but also strive to achieve superior operating performance, control maintenance and other costs in a competitive marketplace.

The Beltran Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESPs) for the metallurgical operations and especially sulfuric acid gas cleaning is specified for a number of compelling reasons. The WESPs offers several advantages ideally suited to the task, especially their ability to efficiently capture and remove fine, submicron-size particulate matter emitted from plant manufacturing operations. In the case of sulfuric acid gas cleaning, it is of optimal importance to have the best gas cleaning system for the purest sulfuric acid.

Beltran Technologies is a 75 year old company with more than 1000 installations worldwide located in Brooklyn, New York, US.

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Beltran Technologies, Inc.

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