BiPOM Electronics, Inc. is one of the world's leading providers of Microcontroller systems and specific applications, including hardware, firmware, software, manufacturing, and field/technical support. BiPOM provides extensive Microcontroller designs for a wide range of world class businesses and industries, from energy to military/aerospace, medical, commercial, research and electronics education. In the last two years, BiPOM's focus has been microcontroller and wireless technologies for Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT). Our WiPOM technology powers remote monitoring and control systems of the 21st century.

BiPOM produces the most versatile family of Microcontroller and Peripheral boards of any manufacturer, with industrial/professional quality and performance, at competitive prices. Reliability and performance is assured because of strict testing, quality control and industry leading warranty. As new technologies become available, BiPOM incorporates these in new and updated models. All boards are manufactured by BiPOM in the USA. Extensive Manuals, Technical and Application Notes, Microcontroller Selection Guide and Programming Support Guide make it easy to select and use the most appropriate BiPOM boards to fit your needs. A wide range of Accessories, Programmers, Tools, Displays, and industry leading Technical Support provides all the resources to make maximum use of modern Microcontroller technology.

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