BioAmber, Inc.

BioAmber is a next generation chemistry company with a portfolio of renewable chemicals.  Its proprietary technology platform combines industrial biotechnology, an innovative purification process and chemical catalysis to convert renewable feedstocks into chemicals for use in a wide variety of everyday products.

BioAmber offers a portfolio of renewable chemicals based on succinic acid and other C4 chemicals, including 1,4-Butane Diol (BDO) and esters of succinic acid, as well as a new biopolymer platform based on the modified polybutylene succinate biopolymer (mPBS).  mPBS is biodegradable and will be >50% renewable with biobased succinic acid and 100% renewable with bio-BDO.  mPBS can be used at higher heat distortion temperatures, has better strength and stiffness and drop-in processability for extrusion and injection molding.  BioAmber is also developing a C6 Platform that will provide biobased Adipic Acid, Caprolactam and HMDA.

BioAmber operates the world’s only large-scale bio-based succinic acid plant today, which is located in Europe and has an annual production of 3,000 tons. 

BioAmber is a private, US company with a global presence, based in Minnesota, USA.  In addition to the European plant, BioAmber will start building its first North American plant in Sarnia, Ontario, together with Mitsui & Co. in 2011.  The Sarnia plant will be commissioned in 2013 with an initial capacity of 17,000 tons of biobased succinic acid, which will be increased to 35,000 tons at peak production, along with 23,000 tons of biobased-1,4-BDO. 

A second large-scale commercial plant is planned with Mitsui & Co., in Map Ta Phut, Thailand, as part of an agreement with PTTMCC Biochem.  The Thai plant is expected to come on stream in 2014, and will have a capacity of 65,000 tons of biobased succinic acid and 50,000 tons of biobased BDO by 2016.  A third plant in North America or Brazil is planned in partnership with Mitsui & Co. which will bring BioAmber’s combined capacity to 165,000 tons/year for biobased succinic acid and 23,000 tons/year for biobased BDO.

BioAmber, Inc.BioAmber's business model is based on open innovation and partnerships, which have enabled it to be first to market with biobased succinic acid.  BioAmber’s partnerships extend across the value chain for renewable raw materials, including Mitsui & Co., Mitsubishi Chemical, Lanxess, DuPont, Cargill, Celexion and Matric, amongst others.  

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