Bodycote Thermal Processing

Customers have made the Bodycote Group the World's leading supplier of specialist testing and thermal processing services – a vital provider of heat treatments, hot isostatic pressing, metallurgical coatings, and testing services to industry.

These services could previously have been provided by in-house facilities. Thanks to Bodycote's policy of investment in leading-edge technologies, organic growth and acquisitions, manufacturers are attracted to the cost and efficiency benefits accruing from the Group's extensive resources. Customers can then concentrate their resources into core activities, with confidence in their ability to continue to satisfy international market requirements. The World's most respected and innovative engineering companies are realizing the benefits of long term relationships with Bodycote – giving them access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the Group's interactive metallurgical services, spanning over 300 facilities in 30 locations.

Bodycote’s Mission is to provide world class companies with metallurgical and testing services that make a positive contribution to the success of their business, to earn sustainable profits which attract shareholder interest, to engage, develop, and retain competent people, and harness their enthusiasm and inspire them to excel.  Bodycote is committed to acting as a good corporate citizen.

Bodycote is honest and trustworthy in dealings with their shareholders, customers, colleagues, and communities.  They value and protect the safety and health of their colleagues and work to minimize the environmental impact of their activities.  Continuous improvement in all areas of the business drives them forward.

Bodycote is the world’s largest and most respected provider of testing and thermal processing services.  Their vision is to be recognized as a leading provider of metallurgical and testing services and the partner of choice for outsourcing needs, while aspiring to deliver enhanced value to all stakeholders.

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