CAMERON Valves & MeasurementCAMERON Valves & Measurement is a leading provider of valves and measurement systems to the Oil and Gas industry.  The group’s products are primarily used to control, direct and measure the flow of oil and gas as it is moved from individual wellheads through flow lines, gathering lines and transmission systems to refineries, petrochemical plants and industrial centers for processing.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas and with manufacturing and service facilities worldwide, CAMERON Valves & Measurement is the manufacturing expert that helps customers continuously raise performance through the supply of technical leadership and proven brands.  The group is divided in to four divisions:
CAMERON Valves & Measurement

Distributed Valves
These valve products are sold through distributor networks worldwide for use in oil and gas and industrial applications and include such widely recognized brand names as W-K-M®, DEMCO®, NUTRON®, TBV®, THORNHILL CRAVER®, and WHEATLEY®.
  Engineered and Process Valves Division
The Engineered & Process Valves division provides a wide range of valves for use in natural gas, LNG, crude oil and refined products transmission lines.  The traditional Cameron® fully-welded ball valve product line has been combined with the GROVE®, RING-O®, TOM WHEATLEY®, ENTECH™, TEXSTEAM™ and TK® product lines.  This broad offering has significantly strengthened Cameron’s ability to serve as a single source for a wide scope of customer requirements.  The division also provides critical service valves for refinery, chemical and petrochemical processing businesses and for associated storage terminal applications, particularly through the ORBIT® and GENERAL VALVE® lines.  These brands are complimented by WKM® and TBV™ valve products and considerably expand the scope of the division’s product offerings.

CAMERON Valves & MeasurementMeasurement Systems
Measurement Systems designs, manufactures and distributes instrumentation for the oil and gas and process control industries. 

Its products and services are used in the measurement and control of pressures, temperatures, levels and flows.  CAMERON entered this area with the 2005 NuFlo acquisition which was followed by the early 2006 acquisition of Caldon®, further expanding its presence in the measurement and process markets.

The division’s seven main product lines, NUFLO™, BARTON®, CALDON®, CLIF MOCK™, JISKOOT™,  LINCO™ and PAAI™ highly regarded for their accuracy and durability, provide customers with equipment suited for almost any measurement need, from simple mechanical instruments to fully automated production optimization applications.

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