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Category: Pressure Regulators
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WIN – WIN Solutions for Profitable Business.

Regardless of your market segment, you’ll find that CEJN products are diverse enough for any application. CEJN has a standard range of diverse products that they are proud to call themselves the world’s most complete coupling producers – few can show such a wide and strong range of products.

CEJN Industrial Corporation's core products are quick connect coupling and nipples for all types of media, from compressed air to gas, breathing air, fluids and hydraulic oil. Supplemental to their core products, the standard range also consists of several complementary products such as air hose, high-pressure hydraulic hose, hose reels, blowguns, pressure gauges, fluid monitoring systems, fittings and other accessories – all manufactured to the same quality standards. The size and flexibility of their global organization provides them with the means to offer standardized mass produced products as well as product adaptations and specialized quick connect solutions. Today’s perfect range must always be adjusted for tomorrow’s challenges.

A dedicated sales team is set up to give you the best possible support regardless if it's concerning inquiries, technical solutions or sales support. Their streamlined organization ensures that most answers are only a phone call away. Collaboration is a key factor in any business and they make sure to give you the support you want to sell their products. Their sales engineers and technical designers will support you when your customers need specialized products or when the need arises to develop a customized solution. Everything they do is based on close contact with their customers and their local market know-how.

All in all it means that you can feel secure in their relationship and trust that you will receive high quality products and the best possible service.

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