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Category: Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
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CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a technology company,engage in research & development, design, manufacture and sales in slip ring field. Accumulated abundant experience since 2009 and offered high quality slip ring and professional solution to many industries and global customers. Manufacturing area is 2000 square meters. Registration capital is 5 million RMB. All members of our technical team are senior engineer, had ever worked for local research institution and multi-national enterprise more than 10 years, covers micro electronic, high-voltage electrical, mechanical, etc.. Drawing on our nearly 10 years' experience in slip ring field, we entered in offering full service from design, manufacture to sales since we understand customer's high quality demand and application exactly.

In order to provide professional service to high-end markets,such as maritime, military, automation, radar, aerospace, simulator and engineering machinery. To satisfy diversified demands, import the comprehensive quality management system from 2015, strictly control each process from R&D, manufacturing, testing, after-sales tracking. Matching advanced high precise equipments, utilize high-tech technology to ensure reliable performance and offer customized service. CENO Electronics is striving to become the leading manufacturer of professional slide ring in the world class industry.

CENO has obtained certification of CE,ISO9001,RoHS and serveral advanced technology patents.Product sales cover more than 30 provinces & areas domestic, and widely sold to abroad such as USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, France, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and so forth. We provide OEM & ODM service for many well-known company.

As a technical enterprise, CENO has abundant experience in particular industry and special industrial slip ring design. We are capable of providing below customized design.
• Marine environment
• High current, High voltage slip rings
• SDI, HDMI High definition slip rings
• Ethernet,USB High speed rate slip ring
• Encoder, CANBUS, temperature sense measurement and control
• Fiber optical rotary joint, Wave length is optional, Channel number up to 20
• RF rotary joint,frequency up to 50GHz
• IP65 protection or higher
• Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Explosion-proof slip ring
• High altitude, Strong vibration, Strong impact, Low temperature application
• Above particular slip rings are allowed to integrate. Welcome to contact us with your demand.

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