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CSC Scientific has been manufacturing and distributing laboratory equipment for over 100 years! We specialize in three critical testing areas: moisture analysis, partical size analysis, and liquid properties which includes consistency, surface tension, contact angle and viscosity.

We strive to understand the measurement environment and solutions needed in a variety of applications and industries. Our experience include industries such as Coffee, Snack Food, Mining, Chemcial Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Production of Building Materials. Our application know-how ranges from measuring trace amounts of water in transformer oil to determining the consistency of ketchup.

Our product specialists take pride in meeting your needs not only before before the acquisition but before the lifetime of your product. We hope to serve you with our personalized technical support.

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Apparent or Actual Surface Tension? Which to Use? (Sample Preparation and Liquid Handling) An definition of surface tension: "The attraction force between molecules at the surface of a liquid. The force that keeps if from flying off into space". The number of different test methods suggests... (View Full Article)
Archimedes & the History of Density Testing (Sample Preparation and Liquid Handling) The first recorded application of density measurement was for fraud detection. The density measurement concept then expanded to encompass determination of material composition and assessment of... (View Full Article)