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Category: Optocouplers
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California Eastern Laboratories - CEL is the exclusive sales and marketing partner for products made by the Compound Semiconductor Device Business Division (CSDBD) of Renesas Electronics that serves customers throughout North and South America. CEL has sales offices in key locations around the world, plus a network of domestic and international distribution partners. They also stock inventory at locations close to their customers. With so many of them manufacturing offshore, CEL has found this to be the most efficient way to get product into their customers' hands, when and where they need it. You’ll find CEL's sales force and customer service staff highly trained, with the tools and infrastructure necessary to deliver innovative, competitive solutions.

The products that CEL offers include:

I. Optocouplers & SSRs

Offer a broad range of optocouplers and solid state relays with industry-leading performance and reliability. These series of products provide isolation and switching functions for various applications including power supply, motor control, data communications interface circuit, automated test equipment and telecommunication equipment.

Engineers tasked with miniaturizing their designs will appreciate the variety of package styles Renesas Electronics has to offer. From their DIP4,8, and 16 that are optionally available in two different gull wing surface mount lead forms, Renesas Electronics packaging is designed to address engineers’ space constraints. DIP4 and 8 are optionally available in an 8mm creepage distance package. Surface mount packages include; SOP4 and 5, SSOP4 and 16, as well as SO8, and 4 pin Mini Flat package.

California Eastern Laboratories - CEL High Speed/ High Functionality Optocoupler
A wide variety of high speed, high functionality optocouplers, highlighted by CEL's isolated gate drivers, isolation amplifiers, high speed digital output, high CMR, CMOS digital and low current devices.
California Eastern Laboratories - CEL Transistor Output Optocoupler
A complete line of transistor output optocouplers, including CEL's industry leading packaging low input current, AC and DC configurations, high noise immunity and high temp devices.
California Eastern Laboratories - CEL Solid State Relays
Semiconductor-based switching devices highlighted by their low C, low Ron, low CxR, and their industry leading 4 pin miniflats.

II. Fiber Optic Devices

Products fromRenesas Electronics Compound Semiconductor Device Business Division (CSDBD) support applications across today’s fiber optics communications systems: Metro, Fiber to the Home and HFC as well as provide building blocks for test and measurement equipment. They include Fabry-Pero and DFB lasers, plus APD detectors that utilize CSDBD’s core strengths: AlGaInAs buried heterostructure laser die, AlInAs APD, and WAVE technology for precise grating formation.

Both Renesas Electronics and CEL are committed to the environment and are continually seeking new materials and methods of doing business that are environmentally responsible. All laser and detector devices are RoHS compliant. By combining environmental responsibility, broad processing expertise, and facilities capable of delivering over 5 million visible lasers a month, CEL and CSDBD can offer customers a strategic partnership no other manufacturer can begin to match.

FP Lasers for OTDR
Renesas Electronics cooled and uncooled lasers for mainframe and portable OTDR test equipment and subassemblies
California Eastern Laboratories - CEL 10G DFB TOSA
Renesas Electronics TOSA devices for 10GBASE-LR and OC-192 SR, IR-1 applications
APD Detectors for OTDR
Renesas Electronics cooled and uncooled detectors for mainframe and portable OTDR test equipment and subassemblies
1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM TOSA and ROSA for SFP transceivers

III. RF Semiconductors and ZigBee Module

(Please visit CEL website at www.cel.com for more details)


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