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Category: High Voltage Capacitors
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CalRamic Technologies LLC, a United States manufacturing company based in Reno, Nevada, manufactures High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors for a wide variety of applications.  Our 12,500 square feet facility serves a variety of Domestic and International markets.  Since 2002, CalRamic has specialized in High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors for industries ranging from Commercial, Military, High Reliability Space Level, and Geophysical.

Jeff Day is Founder and CEO of CalRamic Technologies, LLC. His 30+ years’ experience in the High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor manufacturing, in addition to a Materials Science degree from University of Washington, has provided CalRamic Technologies the ability to develop high quality reliable US-based manufactured components. The wide varieties of applications where the CalRamic High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor can be employed include industries such as Geothermal, Geophysical, Military and Commercial Aerospace, and Medical. Jeff has published many articles on High Reliability Capacitors, and has been an invited guest speaker at John Hopkins University and Jet Propulsion Labs on High voltage Capacitor reliability.

He is very active in the local community with fund raising events for children and families in need. In addition, he is the Head Coach for a local High school boys' tennis team. Jeff is a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association.

CalRamic Technologies LLC is partnered with Voltage Multipliers Inc., manufacturers of High Voltage Diodes and power supplies.  The partnership was formed when VMI indicated the need for a reliable high voltage ceramic capacitor supplier.  Today more than 250+ Global Customers benefit from CalRamic’s solution-based business model.

We proudly provide our customers with High Quality Materials, On-time Delivery, and Competitive Pricing with lean manufacturing principles.  Our team looks forward to working with you.

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