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The Leader in Motion Control Solutions

We are excited to introduce you to Celera Motion — the combined businesses of MicroE and Applimotion. Derived from the Latin word "celer" for quick and swift, the name Celera reflects our commitment to delivering motin control solutions that accelerate our customers' ability to deliver innovative solutions to their markets. Celera Motion's cohesives vision, expertise, technologies, and consultative team approach make us the trusted partner to help solve your most challenging motion control problems.

Celera Motion's precision component and subsystem solutions solve application specific challenges for technology-driven medical and advanced industrial original equipment manufacturers around the world.

The MicroE and Applimotion product brand names and positioning remain unchanged, as does our ling-standing and unwavering commitment to product quality and delivery.

Celera Motion is a motion control business of Novanta Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVT), a leading global supplier of core technology solutions that give advanced industrial and healthcare OEMs a competitive advantage. Novanta combines deep expertise at the intersection of photonics and motion with a proven ability to solve complex technical challenges. This enables Novanta to engineer core components and sub-systems that deliver extreme precision and performance, tailored to our customers around the world. The driving force behind our growth is the team of innovative professionals who share a commitment to innovation and customer success.

Product Brands Consistently Delivering Best-In-Class Performance

Cekera Motion offers a dynamic core of brands—MicroE Encoders and Applimotion Motors and Actuators. Designed using state-of-the-art technologies and offered with feature sets targeted to solve the most demanding applications, our product lines optimize performance.

MicroE products are built with PurePrecision™ and VeraPath™ technologies. The MicroE brand of miniature precision optical encoders is abailable in several form factors and mounting options, with incremental and absolute interfaces and resolutions up to 1.2 nm. A wide selection of rotary and linear scales are available, delivering accuracy up to 1µm.

The Applimotion brand of direct drive motors and actuators are the product of unparalleled application expertise and performance-driven design. Optimized solutions range from direct drive motor components to fully engineered, validated, and tested products and value-add assemblies. Applimotion products utilize miniature PCBs, magnetics, vibration, thermal, electro-mechanical, and control systems technologies; Slotless rotary motors and actuators feature ZeroCog™ technology.

Committed to Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, and Quality

Our success has resulted from three factors:

  • The development of superior technology;
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction through our focus on OEM customer requirements;
  • Adherence to quality through ISO 9001 and 13485

Committed to OEM Support

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)expect close technical support from the beginning of the process. We start with consultation during your product concept phase. Together, we will establish form, fit, function, and performance targets for our encoders.

During your product design and production phases, our Rapid Customer Response (RCR) team and our web-based resources — which are controlled according to ISO standards — are available for applications and technical support.

The RCR team is critical when modifications to our standard encoders are needed to optimize an OEM customer's application. We regularly develop application-specific OEM solutions from our technology portfolio. MicroE direct sales force also provides support worldwide.

Serving a Broad Range of Industries

At Celera Motion, we meet the needs of a diverse range of industries. Today, OEM's worldwide in the motion control, metrology, medical/life sciences equipment, semiconductor, electronics assembly, test & measurment, and data storage industries have specified our products. They insist on MicroE and Applimotion products not just for performance, but because of our commitment to their success.

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