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Category: Signal Transformers
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Founded in 1968, Charles Industries, LLC is a diversified manufacturing and technology company with corporate headquarters in the Schaumburg Towers of Schaumburg, Illinois (western suburb of Chicago) and five U.S. based manufacturing centers. Charles sells quality products, services and innovative solutions to telecommunications, utility, government, and industrial markets worldwide. Charles is proud of its Midwest manufacturing roots that position it to effectively compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Over the years, Charles has successfully balanced growth through innovative and cost-effective engineering and manufacturing, and over 25 strategic acquisitions. As a member of the Amphenol Corporation, Charles is uniquely positioned to supply integrated enclosure and cabling solutions to customers worldwide.

Driven by "Customer Satisfaction through Continuous Improvement," Charles' strategic initiative for growth stands clear - to enable our internal and external Customers to better serve their Customers. Leveraging more than 50 years of expertise, Charles remains committed to providing solutions that are innovative, reliable, competitively priced, provide customer value, and backed by industry-leading customer service and field support.


Charles supplies a comprehensive line of active and passive, metallic and non-metallic environmental enclosure solutions for communications and power distribution applications.

Charles Universal Broadband Enclosures (CUBE) are constructed of welded aluminum and built to withstand the elements while providing superior protection for active electronics in all environments. Designed to house a variety of communications equipment, CUBE customers can take advantage of Charles' Engineering and Factory Integration capabilities to bring a complete turn-key solution ready to install and turn-up on the same day. The expansive CUBE product line incorporates flexibility in design to quickly customize dimensions and functionalities which when combined with our optimized manufacturing facility, enables customers to get a "right fit" solution. Today, CUBEs are being used at a variety of remote sites, including cell-towers, business parks, campuses, strip malls, sports stadiums, oil fields, wind farms, solar fields, lift stations, and traffic systems.

Charles leverages its extensive design and manufacturing background in metallic and non-metallic fabrication and molding capabilities to offer an expansive its portfolio of passive fiber optic enclosure solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Whether it's Fiber-to-the-Business, residential multi-dwelling units (MDU)/multi-tenant units (MTU), or cell site Charles Fiber Interconnect (CFIT) and Building Terminals (CFBT) provide a wide range of solutions for both active and passive optical networks.

Charles Fiber Distribution Point™ (CFDP) and Buried Distribution Optical (BDO) pedestals provide industry leading environmental protection for above-grade fiber splice points and are a critical part of many broadband stimulus related construction projects. The CFDP and BDO lines were an evolutionary leap from Charles Pedlock® copper pedestals, the industry's first non-metallic buried cable terminal housing, which has proven to be the pedestal of choice amongst major and independent telephone and CATV companies for its high-quality, durability and low installation and maintenance costs.

Charles has developed a broad portfolio of enclosures aimed at protecting and maximizing the value of infrastructure investments by wireline and wireless operators to support the migration to 4G wireless technologies. CUBE, CFIT, CFDP, Below Grade Enclosure (CBGE) and Multi-Purpose Housing (CMPH) product lines have been positioned to support this critical industry trend.

Other Outside Plant and critical infrastructure product lines include telecom and utility riser pipes, utility riser line and wire guards, terminal blocks, network interface devices, apparatus cases, cable stubs, load coils, and building entrance housings.

Charles continues to support service providers in their efforts to lower wireline twisted pair copper network operating costs with T1 mini-repeaters and a compact 1RU channel bank product, the 360-80 ICB. In addition, Charles continues to offer product lines that help deliver extended-reach DSL to hard-to-reach subscribers, such as our SmartCoil and HVDL solutions.