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Category: Thread Lockers and Retainers
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Chemence® is a global specialty chemical company with diversified expertise in multiple market segments that seem sporadic but share a single commonality: polymerizable technology. Chemence's focus has always been to provide the best possible adhesive, sealant and resin solutions to improve our customers' production processes. Our range of products can be found in use everywhere from operating rooms to living rooms, from automotive manufacturers to toy manufacturers, and anywhere in between. Over the years we've gained valuable experience servicing many Global 500 organizations as well as small startups. Our key customers include major automotive OEMs, market leading consumer electronics companies, some of the finest medical organizations around the world and most major retailers.

Since its founding in 1984 in the UK, Chemence has continued to grow by identifying and innovating in niche specialty chemical segments. Up to this date our company is still wholly owned by the Cooke family and many of the family members are actively involved in the daily operations. Over the years we have grown organically and via acquisition and spread our reach over three continents. We have manufacturing sites in North America and Europe and technical sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Chemence® prides itself on providing high-quality products using the best raw materials and adheres to strict quality standards. We hold registrations in Internationally-Accredited Quality Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Chemence manufactures and sells products under several brands including KRYLEX®, exofin®, dermaflex®, Anaseal, Liquidskin® and DeWalt®.

Chemence's industrial adhesives and resins provide solutions to customers in a variety of markets, including electronics and medical device manufacturers. Our KRYLEX® line includes instant adhesives based on cyanoacrylate and acrylate technologies, polyurethane hot melts, silicones and anaerobic machinery adhesives. Our team of chemists and engineers work tirelessly with customers to regularly customize products to perfectly fit their production processes.

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