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Category: Fluxes
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Chemical Strategies, Inc.

Chemical Strategies is an industry leading chemical distributor and supply management company.

We specialize in providing a full range of chemicals and associated materials in all packages, sizes and grades. Our customers include high technology companies in industries that include Aerospace, Defense Contracting, R&D and Semiconductor manufacturing.

Chemical Strategies is the recipient of multiple prestigious awards from customers and suppliers alike in the service of our markets. These awards serve as recognition of our unparalleled service standards and our constant focus on continuous cost improvement.

At Chemical Strategies, customer satisfaction drives our growth. In the years since our founding, we’ve become an integral part of the supply chain for those that manufacture, transport and use chemicals. Our personnel work at each stage of this supply chain, including on-site at customer locations, to ensure the uninterrupted, safe supply of materials. From the corporate to the local level, our team is dedicated to improving the overall profitability of our customers. We accomplish this by optimizing each function in the supply cycle from point of chemical manufacture, through receipt of material, usage in customer production and management of the waste or residual material.

Chemical Strategies provides a long list of services, ranging from simple chemical supply at the best market price to full chemical management including container management, on-site personnel and process support. When you employ us as your chemical source, you’re retaining a company with vast industry experience, knowledgeable personnel and local infrastructure. Let us tailor a program to your exact needs and provide your team with access to multiple cost and time saving assets.

Supplier Directory Categories

Bags and Sacks
(4 Products)
Epoxy Adhesives
(99 Products)
(22 Products)
Foil Tapes
(1 Product)
Industrial Inks
(18 Products)
Industrial Paints
(991 Products)
Industrial Tapes
(96 Products)
Organic Chemicals
(1,541 Products)
Organic Solvents
(94 Products)
Safety Clothing
(7 Products)
Safety Gloves
(3 Products)
Test Sieves
(10 Products)
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