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Category: Hot Mirrors and Cold Mirrors
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Our Mission

Chroma Technology Corp. is a leading manufacturer of optical filters and related products.

Our mission is to provide the best products and solutions for our customers' ever-changing needs. To that end we develop lasting relationships with our customers by providing applications expertise and exceptional customer service. Chroma Technology is 100% employee-owned: each employee has a share of the responsibility for Chroma's success, and each earns a fair share of the rewards. We value the economic and social needs of the individual as well as the needs of the company as a whole. This is how we create the committed, involved and healthy employee body that is key to achieving our mission. Chroma Technology is an active and caring member of the community in which we live as well as the scientific and technical communities that we serve. We give back to these communities by providing jobs, offering financial support to local non-profit service agencies, sponsoring educational opportunities for students of science and technology, and promoting employee ownership.

Company Profile

Chroma Technology Corp. is a manufacturer of interference filters for the ultra-violet, visible and near-infrared portions of the spectrum, including band pass, multiple band pass, and long and short pass filters, as well as beamsplitters, dichroic mirrors and laser rejection filters. We specialize in precision spectral control, including extra high signal-to-noise ratio filters and those with rapid cut-on and cut-off profiles. The manufacturing process involves precisely depositing, in a vacuum, extremely thin layers of two or more materials on a glass or similarly transparent substrate.

Chroma was organized by several talented individuals who wanted to create a working environment entirely different from the typical corporate structure. Founded in Brattleboro, Vermont, in May 1991, Chroma quickly established itself as a leader in filter designs. From its inception, Chroma has worked closely with the community of molecular and cell biologists worldwide to develop the best possible solutions to applications requiring fluorescence filters.

As an employee owned company, Chroma has grown from seven employees with sales of $314,200 in its first year of business, to over 100 employees with offices in Europe and Asia today. Chroma's filters are distributed worldwide, though all manufacturing occurs in the United States.

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