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Category: Ethernet Cables
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Custom Cable & Assemblies

Cicoil will design and produce custom cable and complete assemblies to your specifications, with the connectors of your choice. Challenge us with your toughest specs. MIL-AERO AS9100 Certified.

Standard Cable & Finished Assemblies

A broad line of our highly flexible flat cables organized in three groups: Motion Control, Data & Video, and Unshielded. Each series now includes complete assemblies in multiple lengths. Find full specifications and pricing here.

Interactive and Easy Flat Cable Designer

Design your own flexible flat cable in just minutes! Over 200 million potential configurations. Click & Drag simplicity. Receive a final drawing of your design instantly.

Why is Cicoil Flat Cable So Unique?

This is where we show you. Cicoil flat cables feature truly special attributes and capabilities. Learn about the technologies behind our cables, and view the many options like low-friction coating and integrated tubing.

The Ultimate Flexible Flat Cable

Cicoil flat cables excel in repetitive motion equipment, are immune to shock and vibration, harsh environments, and temperature extremes. Their thin profile and high flexibility provide excellent solutions for compact devices and confined spaces.

High Flexibility

  • Excel in linear motion
  • Fit tight-spaces with small bend radii
  • 10,000,000 flex cycles typical


  • Hundreds of Standard bulk flat cable and assemblies styles and sizes
  • Unlimited Custom flat cable manufacturing capability
  • Patented extrusion process enable inclusion of power and signal conductors, tubing, fiber optics, and other elements into a single flat cable.


  • Patented, Flexx-Sil™ jacketing – Durometer rating: 65
  • SuperTuff™ Flexx-Sil™ – Durometer rating: 85
  • Resists impact and abrasion

Extreme Environments

  • Perform in temperatures from -65° C to +260° C
  • Clean rooms – no particulates
  • Under vacuum – NASA Outgassing Specification 1124
  • Exposure to water, oil, and chemicals


  • ISO 9001 certified
  • AS 9100 aerospace standard certified
  • Flexx-Sil™ flat cables are 100% tested to ensure optimum performance.

Broad Application

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