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Category: Worms and Worm Gears
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Since 1951 Circle Gear has stood out as a leader in the Chicago area gear market. Specializing in small lot production, Circle Gear has grown from a solid reputation of satisfied customers. Working from full detailed drawings or reverse engineering from worn samples, Circle Gear strives to meet the customers objectives, quality, and delivery requirements. Circle Gear stands apart from the competition because of the service and personal attention that goes into every project.

Circle Gear is a full service manufacturing facility. The diversity in the products manufactured at Circle Gear requires a full array of machining and fabricating equipment. This wide range of equipment and in-house services promotes the ability to handle most projects internally. Complete control of all operations in production ensures on time delivery.

Circle Gear has been providing products for over 50 years. Quality Control is a companywide focus and is addressed at every phase in the manufacturing process. From the initial quotation through final inspection, the concept of total quality is paramount. The Quality Assurance program currently in place is based upon compliance with ISO 9001:2008. All projects are routed though the manufacturing operations and planned inspections are determined prior to processing.

In-process inspection takes place constantly as components are manufactured. Skilled machinists and inspectors document inspections in an environmentally controlled inspection laboratory. A constant temperature and humidity level is held to insure consistency in all measurements. Instruments specific to the measurement of gear tooth geometry are calibrated and certified to maintain the highest degree of accuracy.

Circle Gear possesses a complete Heat Treat Inspection laboratory. Hardened products can be sectioned, mounted, tested and photographed to insure compliance with the specific component requirements.

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