CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION CO., LTD. is a manufacturer specializing in miniaturized high performance rotary components in Japan. Since its establishment in 1979 as a manufacturer of miniaturized DC motors, they have created many unique products. Their accumulated technology has launched several successful products into the market, such as the miniaturized coreless DC servomotor TORMAX, AC servomotors, brushless DC motors, miniaturized linear actuators and other miniaturized high performance rotary components.

To meet the various needs from their customers, CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION CO., LTD. has maintained “One-to-One Customization” as one of their main policies. In addition to such products, their standard products have increased the productivities and sales since the Company’s China factory was established in 2004.

Throughout the past 25-years, CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION has aimed to provide the highest service to their customers. To meet the needs of the market demands, they have two different departments, “Mechanical” and “Electrical”, and have combined them for the development of unique and advanced products. Through this approach, the knowledge and experience of each technical field can be effectively incorporated into new products. They believe that their accumulated knowledge and experience, and their customer-based business policy will always create the best solution for customers.

CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION CO., LTD. strongly believes that it is of utmost importance to supply customers with the best quality products. Their factories are furnished with advanced machine tools and high precision instruments that consistently maintain highest quality. They obtained ISO 9002 in 1999, ISO9001:2000 in 2003 and ISO14001:2004 in 2006.  CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION also makes their maximum efforts to promote environmental conservation and maintain ISO certifications.

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