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Category: Pipe Fittings
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Clampco manufactures high quality stainless steel clamps including T-bolt band clamps, barrel hardware clamps, worm gear clamps, V-band clamps/couplings, flanges, and straps & strap assemblies. Clampco’s T-bolt band clamps and V-band clamps/couplings can be purchased as standard items or made-to-order for your specific application. Clampco offers custom designed products tailored to your exact specifications, and they have a wide range of latches, fasteners & handles to further customize their products.

Clampco Products is a leading manufacturer of engineered joining solutions. Their products can be found wherever rubber hoses, plastic tubing, solid objects, or other parts must be fastened, joined, or securely connected. Clampco Products currently serves the aerospace, automotive, construction, filtration, irrigation, marine, material handling, medical, off-road, truck, and water treatment industries. Clampco also supplies many well-known international firms and is certified to ISO 9001:2000 with Design.

Clampco Products is proud to remain a family-owned business. Their company continues to meet the original goals of quality products, competitive pricing, and personal, timely response to customers’ needs. Clampco’s highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, paired with state-of-the-art technology, ensures Clampco’s continued success as a premier manufacturer in the clamping industry.

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