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Category: Cleanrooms
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Clean Air Products

Beauty and Performance by Design

Clean Air Products has been designing and manufacturing high quality clean room systems, clean room components, clean room equipment and clean room supplies for a broad range of clean room applications since 1969, including those in the semiconductor, biomedical, pharmaceutical and aerospace/military industries, among others. Our comprehensive line of clean room products include:

Air Showers
Pass Thru Air Locks
Modular Clean Rooms
Softwall Clean Rooms
Hardwall Clean Rooms
Portable Clean Rooms
Clean Benches
Laminar Flow Clean Benches
Desiccator Cabinets
Dust Containment Cabinets
Fume Hoods & Wet Process Stations
Clean Room Furniture
Stainless Steel Tables
Clean Room Supplies
Fan Filter Units

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Technical Articles

Air Showers- Increasing Productivity and Reducing Operating (Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment) A cleanroom provides a controlled environment in which companies can produce contaminant-free products. Air showers are a vital component in maintaining that clean environment. They protect the... (View Full Article)
Clothes Cleaning Air Shower (Air Quality) OSHA Lead Requirements for Hygiene Facilities in Battery Manufacturing: Clothes Cleaning Air Shower used for Lead Dust Removal... (View Full Article)