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The Cleveland Vibrator Company was founded in 1923 and has grown from a single-employee proprietorship, with operations in a one-car garage, into a multimillion-dollar corporation. For over seventy years, The Cleveland Vibrator Company has earned its reputation as the leader in the vibratory equipment field. This recognition has been achieved through its constant demand for quality workmanship and engineering excellence. Cleveland Vibrator Company's growth in the industrial market can be directly attributed to its primary objective - service to its customers.

The Cleveland Vibrator Company offers one of the most complete lines of vibratory bulk handling equipment available to industry today. Being a small, privately held corporation, the company takes pride in what it does and how it does it. Cleveland Vibrator Company's equipment line is not relegated to just the stock standards. Its greatest strength is the ability to modify its standard line to meet the most demanding applications.

Cleveland Vibrator Company has successfully applied its vibrators and material handling equipment to such industries as foundry, chemical, food, construction, pharmaceutical, concrete, mining, textile, ceramics, petrochemical, steel, and sand and gravel.

The Cleveland Vibrator Company offers its engineering expertise to assist you in solving your particular problem - no matter how small or how complex.

In need of a special coating or material for high heat or corrosive environment? Check out Cleveland Vibrator Company's special coatings or stainless steel and nickel-plated products. They also carry a complete line of accessories such as filters, regulators, lubricators and valves.

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