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Category: Delay Lines
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Colby Instruments is the world’s leading provider of high-precision programmable delay line instruments and modules for microwave/RF signals. Our products are highly precise, accurate and easy to program—ideal for any situation where it’s necessary to apply a delay or phase shift without affecting the original RF signal application, including:

  • Synchronization and timing of clock sources
  • Phase Shifters for noise cancellation
  • Semiconductor research
  • Phase Array Radar and Antenna Testing
  • Timing and shaping of laser pulses

Our clients range from aerospace and defense organizations, to academic and government institutions, to telecommunications and fiber optics companies. They look to us for engineering design excellence, high-performance products and the ability to customize our instruments to their specifications. For more than thirty years, we’ve delivered.

Contact Colby Instruments to discuss how we can provide the right programmable delay line products for your needs.

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Adjust mis-matched delay lines in Cypress Semiconductor Application Note (RF, Microwave, and Wireless Components) This application note describes the basics of jitter in transmission systems and, using HOTLink™ as the example, shows how it can be analyzed and measured. Specific characterization data is... (View Full Article)