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Colonial ToolColonial Tool Colonial Tool Colonial Tool

Colonial Tool has been in the machine tool business for almost 80 years. We were established as a division of Michigan Tool in 1929, which was then purchased by the Ex-Cell-O Corporation in 1954, and then acquired by Textron in 1986. In 1993 Colonial became a privately held corporation which had acquired Val-U-Tool (1997) a custom gage builder in Michigan, and Advanced Cutting Tool Systems Inc. (2007). Our group of companies has been operating under the umbrella of the Colonial Tool Group, Inc., or just Colonial.

There has been significant investment made in Colonial's technology, products and people to allow us to grow our business in excess of $25m per year in revenue. Colonial has been a world class manufacturer of broach tools, broach and special machines, spline rolling racks, precision spindles (precision rotating products), and special cutting tools. Colonial has managed its costs and quality in the only way possible, with in-house control on the design and build, including the heat treatment and surface treatments of our products.

Colonial's facilities are internationally located in Canada, USA, and Mexico with almost 100,000 sq.ft. of engineering and manufacturing capacity.

Colonial's tradition has been to manufacture superior products, but we sell world class services which has kept the customers coming back. Our tradition of excellence in customer service dates back 80 years, and has provided in-field service of our products, technical resources to assist in trouble-shooting, materials selection, coolants, fixturing etc.

Consultation with Colonial's Lowest Cost Per Piece (LCPP) Process TM is available to assist with part process, machining, tooling, and machine component evaluation.

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