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Category: Tube End Forming Machines
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Comco USA
Comco USA Comco USA Comco USA Comco USA

One Source Supplier
Comco USA is the distributor of Comco line of tube and pipe CNC benders, MOTOMAN Robots, and Romer CMMs (tube inspection machines).

Customer Service
We offer you the highest quality machines on the market, backed by our World Class Customer Service.

Quality Products
Comco products are built to withstand the toughest production schedules and will meet the strictest tolerances of any industry including automotive, aerospace, and HVAC.

Five Star Support
Comco USA has been located just blocks from Nashville, Tennessee since 1986; offering competitive pricing, large inventory of machines, spare parts and excellent support with every sale.

Beginning in the 1980’s, Comco USA began supplying domestic HVAC OEM’s with rotary draw CNC pipe benders for bending copper tubing. Today, we also supply CNC pipe benders to the automotive, aircraft and specialty contract manufacturing industries world-wide, as well as the furniture, construction, and medical markets.

Over the years, the pipe benders we supply have been dramatically enhanced – from DC Servo drives and compact AC Servo systems, to integrated circuits and color LCD displays. Data backup and storage have been improved as well, advancing tape drives and paper printouts to floppy, USB, and hard disk drives with the capacity to store thousands of parts, and data links for interfacing with CAD systems and PC networks.

In the early days of the industry, the largest capacity pipe benders we supplied were for 2.0” tube OD’s and under. In the last few years, we have supplied both standard and “Booster” type machines for tight radii bends in thin wall tubing, with the capability of bending up to 5.0” OD’s and 1D bends. Standard models and custom machines are available, along with automatic loaders and un-loaders, Romer tube measuring centers and computer software developed specifically for the tube fabrication industry. We also supply endformers and cutters and a variety of workcell solutions.

Today Comco USA continues to be the industry leader in providing the highest quality pipe bending machine available, along with dependable support. Our customers have helped us to optimize our windows-based controller by providing key suggestions and recommendations. We have listened to our customers and our windows controller is now even better suited to meet the demands of a changing market, while providing the ease of operation and a very stable platform that will insure your production longevity. With an install base now growing to around 800 machines in North America and a team that is truly BENT ON SERVICE, you can trust Comco USA/Cambridge Machinery to help you make the right decision to solve all of your tube forming problems.

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