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Category: Rubber and Elastomer Molding Services
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Control Plastics
Custom Injection Molds and Manufacturing

From Concept to Production

It’s all about keeping Control …

Control Plastics specializes in helping customers with projects from concept to production. Literately partnering with their clients for a long term relationship Control offers ground-up design assistance, mold making and tooling, component manufacturing, assembly and even packaging services.  You will feel like you have more knowledge and understanding of the process than if you are working with the vendor down the street with their online project reports.

Control Plastics works with companies of all sizes across numerous markets that demand the highest quality of part fabrication such as the medical equipment and accessories industry, networking equipment, small appliances and building products.

Now don’t let the name fool you …

Control Plastics is constantly evolving and refines and enhances its capabilities to stay ahead of today’s dynamic marketplace.  Control Plastics started with just custom injection molding, but over time, customers insisted they apply their outstanding service to other facets of the manufacturing process. Soon they evolved into a provider of turn-key services and products.

After 30 years of honing precision into all their products and services, Control Plastics stands alone at the forefront of its industry.

Among their most popular services:

Injection mold designs, including reverse engineering, laser scanning & 2D file conversion
Injection molds – from low to high production requirements, from simple to multiple and complex slides and mechanisms
Custom die casting of aluminum and zinc
Custom injection molding – from polyethylene to PEEK, from the softest elastomers to customized reinforced plastics
Stamped metal parts, including single hit, progressive, and four-slide
Sheet metal fabrication
Extrusions – aluminum and plastics
Decorating – hot stamp, pad print, silk screen, painting shielding, plating and more  
Assembly and Packing -Including mechanical and electrical assembly for everything from high end toys to medical equipment and packaging for consumer point of purchase display and clean room assembly and ultrasonic cleaning.

When you need to keep control of your project contact the company with experience, professionalism and a guarantee. You will think of Control Plastics as your partner in your success ... and as your own in-house service department.

Read our COMPROMISE OR DIE—Achieving the optimum part design newsletter.

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