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Category: Electrical and Electronic Design Services
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Control Resources, Inc.

Control Resources is in a unique position to offer Design & Manufacturing Services due to their decades of experience as a leading OEM supplier of custom and off-the-shelf fan and motor speed controllers utilizing their trademark SmartFan technology.

You supply the idea, CRI supplies the product.
Control Resources, Inc.

Control Resources, Inc.     CRI Design Expertise

Since 1984, the CRI design team has specialized in custom analog design, AC and DC motor drives, digital and power electronics design, embedded microcontrollers, system monitoring and reporting, user programmable features, and digital interfaces.

With this broad expertise, CRI's clients can count on a team with extensive experience that has designed and manufactured over 300 custom products.

Control Resources, Inc.     CRI Custom Design Portfolio

  Audio Amplifier
Benchtop Power Supplies
DC Motor Controls
Fan Alarms
Fan Controllers
Fan Trays
Irrigation Controller
LED Lighting Controls
Radiant Heat Pump Controller
Solar Data Collector
Variable Frequency Drives

Control Resources, Inc.     CRI Client List

CRI is proud to have supplied leading OEMs with custom SmartFan controllers and alarms for more than 25 years. Here are some of their customers.

Control Resources, Inc.     CRI offers Flexibility and Low Cost for Design

By only building product that is designed by the CRI team, they can capitalize on their established global supply chain so you avoid costly minimums. CRI does this by utilizing their extensive inventory of over 1,400 standard components, reducing set up fees.

Control Resources, Inc.     CRI Design and Production Expertise

CRI's "design for manufacturing" approach makes the transition from prototype to production seamless for the customer. Manufacturing personnel attend design reviews and provide input throughout the design cycle to identify and remedy potential problems before the product is released to production.

Control Resources, Inc.     CRI Pricing and Quality Assurance Guaranteed

CRI's initial design fees are always below cost. CRI assumes a risk if the product fails to meet sales expectations. If sales are successful, a pre-determined buy out fee gives the customer flexibility. This keeps CRI motivated to keep pricing competitive and quality high at their ISO 9001 facility.

Control Resources, Inc.     CRI Manufacturing Capabilities and Facilities

  • Schematic, hardware, software, layout, prototype and production services all provided in CRI's Littleton, MA facility
  • ISO 9001:2008 registered
  • UL certified facility
  • SMT and mixed production capabilities
  • Electronic, mechanical, and value added services all done on-site
  • RoHS (6/6, 5/6), no clean and water soluble production options

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