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Category: Plant Growth Chambers
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ConvironEstablished in 1964, Conviron is the world’s largest supplier of controlled environment systems for plant science and agricultural biotechnology research.

From small reach-in chambers to full-scale growth houses and custom solutions – Conviron systems can be found in small start-up facilities to many of the world’s largest and most prestigious research institutions in over 90 countries.

Conviron’s global sales, distribution and service network offers a comprehensive suite of value-added services that encompass the entire life-cycle of your project. From early-stage design through to installation, project commissioning and on-going maintenance and support – we have you covered. A company representative is available to assist you in determining the products most suitable for your research.


  • Reach-in: For applications requiring precise control of environmental parameters provided within flexible and footprint-efficient chamber designs.
  • Walk-in: For larger scale, higher throughput applications that demand uniformity of environmental conditions throughout the chamber volume.
  • Conviron Growth House™: Ideal for applications that require the large capacity of a greenhouse with the precision of a growth chamber.
  • Conviron Research Greenhouse™: Unparalleled control of temperature, humidity, air velocity and light intensity - designed specifically for research applications.
  • Custom Solutions: Conviron excels at delivering custom solutions that meet your unique research requirements and connect seamlessly to new and/or existing building services.


  • Plant growth
  • Tissue Culture
  • Arabidopsis
  • Germination
  • Incubation
  • Seed storage
  • Insectary


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