Born in 1930 in the heart of industry, COOPER® Valves has consistently taken the lead in delivering quality products and meeting the changing needs of its customers. After becoming the first company to successfully pour 304 Stainless Steel in 1934, Cooper has grown to become an internationally accepted and approved manufacturer, while continuing to develop its technologies to manufacture valves in a wide array of exotic alloys that are notoriously difficult to pour and machine.

The company has continued to improve its designs and processes to ensure that it is manufacturing the best valves for its customers. Cooper’s valves are manufactured to all applicable sections of ANSI and API standards used around the globe.

With the 2013 acquisition of Accuseal®, Cooper expanded its broad product line of cast and forged gate, globe, check, and resilient-seated ball valves to include Accuseal’s renowned metal-seated ball valves. Accuseal’s highly advanced and optimally engineered severe service ball valves meet Class VI Shut-off standards, strengthening Cooper’s position as an emerging global leader.

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