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Category: Snap Fasteners
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Craftech Industries, Inc.

Over 40 years manufacturing experience!
Craftech Industries was founded in 1967 and is located in Hudson, New York, 30 miles south of Albany, the state's capital. Craftech serves the semiconductor, telecommunications, solar, medical, chemical, aerospace, electronics, marine and other commercial industries. Craftech is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ships their products WORLDWIDE.

Manufacturing Capabilities
Both Craftech's molding and machining divisions are located at their corporate facility in Hudson, NY allowing them to offer an "all under one roof" manufacturing concept. Distribution of products are also done at this facility.
MACHINING DIVISION capabilities include automatic screw machining, CNC machining and secondary operations.

MOLDING DIVISION capabilities include all phases of mold building, horizontal and vertical injection molding as well as insert molding.

DISTRIBUTION DIVISION is responsible for all shipping of Craftech manufactured parts as well as in-stock inventory of products Craftech distributes for other plastic parts manufacturers such as Micro, Niagra, Ark Plas and Eldon James.


Standard products include screws, bolts, nuts, washers, spacers, hinges, handles and more to ANSI and DIN standards. Custom hardware and fasteners are produced from customer prints, electronic files or sample parts.

Engineering Services
Their engineering staff, using their advanced CAD/CAM System, quickly takes your product from concept to production. Send them your drawing or any CAD file in IGES or AUTO CAD format on diskette and they will produce a few machined prototypes or a million injection molded pieces. They also provide in-house mold flow analysis and finite element analysis.

Craftech works with over 200 high performance plastics; compounds materials and fabricates plastic alloys to meet unique applications. PEEK, Ultem, PVDF, Polypropylene, Isoplast, PPS Ryton, Vespel, Teflon, PVC, CPVC, Radel, Delrin, PCTFE, ABS, Noryl, Halar, Torlon, Lexan, UHMW, PCTFE and Tefzel are just a few of the many plastic materials Craftech works with daily.

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