Curtis Universal Joint Company, Inc.

Universal Joints for OEMs

Curtis' universal joints have been used for over 70 years by OEMs in thousands of military, commercial, industrial and medical applications. Their universal joint has been a key component on aircraft carriers, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and machine gun systems. Curtis Universal Joints can also be found on commercial sewing machines, bowling alley cleaning equipment, food processing machinery, conveyors, professional cleaning equipment, surgical tables, and numerous other applications.

Money Saving TakeApart™ Universal Joint Design

Back in 1935, George V. Curtis designed a way to disassemble and reassemble the universal joint without damage to the component parts. This TakeApart feature has saved companies a great deal of time and money in three ways.

First, worn component parts can be easily replaced rather than having to purchase a replacement universal joint. Second, after disassembling the joint, the user can machine the hubs to fit a non standard shaft. Third, easier access to other components in a drive line can be achieved by being able to quickly and easily disassemble the universal joint.

Curtis Universal Joint Company, Inc.
Curtis Universal Joint Company, Inc.

Application Support is Curtis' Strength

Curtis' application engineers are seasoned power transmission experts with extensive experience designing and applying universal joints. Whether your solution dictates a stock or custom joint, they can partner with you from concept development, design and prototyping all the way through production.

Call their Application Hotline at (888) 287-8477 to speak with a real person who will help you specify the right universal joint for your application.

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