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Category: Industrial Design Services
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Custom-Pak is one of the world’s largest industrial blow molded parts manufacturers and a leading provider of advanced blow molding technology. Custom-Pak designs and builds energy efficient blow molding machines and sophisticated blow molds. We produce a wide array of blow-molded products in six manufacturing plants. Our plants are modern, clean and non-polluting. We offer responsible, world class services and unbeatable value.

Custom-Pak has been designing and manufacturing blow molded plastic products since 1974. The company designs and manufactures blow molding machinery, blow molds, and holds numerous product, process and technology patents. Our Product Development Center imagines, designs, creates and introduces at least one all-new product to the market every day (usually requiring multiple molds)

Six manufacturing plants operate over 200 state-of-the-art blow molding production lines in North America.  A Machinery Development Center and an Automation Technology Center continually advance our capability.  Each plant is registered to the ISO9001-2008 quality standard.  Custom-Pak manufactures blow-molded products for market leaders in the hardware, appliance, lawn & garden, seating, electronics, housewares, toys, construction, sports & recreation, medical and automotive industries.

Innovative design, technical development and proprietary processing machinery help make Custom-Pak the low cost producer in these industries and allows us to provide true blow molding excellence.

If it can be blow molded, we can do it.

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