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Semiconductor Company Specializing in Custom Mixed Signal Technology

Custom Silicon Solutions (CSS) is a Semiconductor Company specializing in custom "Mixed Signal" technology that can combine both Analog and Digital functions in a single chip. Plus, they are experts in adding Nonvolatile Memory (EEPROM) functions to the same chip. This combined technology capability makes possible a single chip that can replace most of your existing electronic system.

CSS is a "fabless" semiconductor company, which allows them to choose the best foundry to meet your needs. Packaging is also subcontracted for improved flexibility and lower cost. Unlike most, they typically test both prototype and production units in-house. This optimum approach significantly lowers testing costs (both development and recurring) and provides more timely test data for further cost reductions.

CSS has been successful in this business since 1996, providing Measurement and Control ASICs to the Industrial, Medical, Security, Sensors and Automotive markets.

Customers are always happily surprised to find that they can acquire a Mixed Signal ASIC without the need to dedicate staff to the job or to cope with all of the technical aspects. They are also pleased to find a semiconductor company willing to dedicate full resources to their "smaller" production requirements

ASIC Products Overview

CSS specializes in mixed signal designs, often with EEPROM added for improved analog performance and circuit flexibility. They both design and produce Custom IC Products (ASICs) for you with proven processes.

CSS also utilizes their mixed signal expertise to develop Standard IC Products. This includes products that are available off-the-shelf for your more general purpose mixed signal IC needs.

In the course of Custom IC Product development, CSS has designed products that may be useful to other design organizations to include in a design of their own. CSS's IP (Intellectual Property) Products include some of these designs that are available today.

ASIC Services Overview

CSS is a full service “turnkey” supplier of mixed signal ASIC solutions. They offer complete development and production services. Their goal is to work with their customers as true partners to help them address their need to create a unique mixed signal ASIC and bring that need to reality.

CSS has an established ASIC development process that proceeds from concept through prototype approval. This process has been proven over many years to be effective and efficient in achieving the desired product – one that meets all the customers' needs.

CSS also has established a very efficient ASIC production process. This process, which typically follows after a successful ASIC development at CSS, has been shown to produce reliable production devices for their customers for many years.

The expertise of the CSS design and production team is also available for “point services” within the scope of the ASIC development and production processes. Through the years, they have acquired a very specialized set of skills in the development and production of numerous ASIC devices. These capabilities are available as a service to customers.

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