Thin Film Batteries for Efficient Battery Backup Power SolutionCymbet Corporations

Cymbet™ Corporation is a privately held technology company that designs and manufactures thin film power backup devices such as rechargeable thin film batteries for semiconductor, sensor, medical and related electronic applications. The company has developed a unique approach to assemble and manufacture the Cymbet EnerChip™ rechargeable thin-film battery in high volumes. Cymbet was founded in 2000 and is located in Elk River, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis – St. Paul.

Cymbet has taken solid state, thin film battery technology concepts and materials and developed a family of commercial products intended to provide new, cost-effective alternative solutions for the electronics designer needing reliable, long lived, non-volatility for common semiconductors. These solutions provide easy power device incorporation, low profile, high reliability, and cost effectiveness. Cymbet currently has an extensive patent portfolio of granted/applied patents covering the design, manufacture and materials relating to its battery technology.

The company has introduced a solid state, thin film micro-battery for direct integration onto semiconductors or as an SMT component. These power devices provide a few days to a few weeks of battery backup power where non-volatility is important or primary power for sensors, active tags and medical applications. With innovations not previously available, Cymbet EnerChips™ provide thin form factor, high energy density, permanent recharge ability, high-speed surface-mount assembly and solder re-flow tolerance in an electronics manufacturing process. The technology is scalable to higher energy devices and alternate materials.

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