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Category: Stretch Forming Machines
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Aerospace Metal
Forming Technologies

Cyril Bath has become the worldwide leader in stretch forming technologies. We design and build custom stretch forming presses used by aerospace companies, for both commercial and military applications.

Cyril Bath continues to develop innovative forming technologies through active research and development programs. These investments lead to valuable aluminum and titanium forming solutions for our worldwide customers.

Sheet Stretch Forming

Sheet stretchforming is a fast, economical and accurate way to form a large panel from a metal sheet. The process consists of stretching the sheet in its plastic area and wrap it on a tool. Process simulation gives the expected kinematic and optimizes springback.

Profile Stretch Forming

Profile stretch forming is a very repeatable process for profile forming in 2D or 3D.


Elastoforming is a drawing technique which only involves a half tool and a flexible matric matching the contour of the tool under the effect of high pressure of the elastomer.

Hot Forming

Hot forming is a process dedicated to any material. It is a drawing technique which involves a punch and a matrix at high temperature.

Superplastic Forming

In Superplastic forming, a sheet of metal is clamped between a die cavity and a plate which are kept at the convenient temperature. Gas pressure is applied to deform the sheet by forcing it against the walls of the die cavity, under suitable stress and deformation rate.

Turnkey Workshop

Our unique expertise and know-how in the metal forming processes and part manufacturing led us to add workshop engineering to our offer.

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