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DEPRAG is an assembly equipment manufacturer with 87 years of experience. The corporate headquarter is located in Amberg, Germany where over 350 active staff members design, manufacture and distribute handheld air tools, feeding and assembly systems. DEPRAG's worldwide net covers over 50 countries, with subsidiary locations in the Czech Republic, China, France, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA.

The North American subsidiary, DEPRAG USA, is located outside of Dallas, Texas, providing Mexico, Canada and the Continental US with quality screwdriving equipment and excellent service. DEPRAG USA just celebrated its 37th anniversary in 2018.

DEPRAG stands for Durability, Ergonomics, Precision, Reliability, Accuracy and Global Presence.

Product Listing

Pneumatic Screwdrivers  
Electric Screwdrivers
  • Feeders for Threaded- and Non-Threaded Components and Fasteners
Automatic Assembly Machines
Industrial Power Tools
  • Air Motors (Standard and Stainless-Steel Models)
    Many Motors Made According to Customers' Specification and Private-Labeled
Air Motors
Green Energy

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Technical Articles

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