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Category: Cloth Tapes
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Darco Southern, Inc.

Darco Southern, Inc has been in continuous operation since 1976, specializing in the manufacture and fabrication of High Temperature Industrial Gasketing Solutions. The company serves both the US and International Markets in primarily Industrial Producing Sectors including: Steel, Aluminum, Mining, Petrochemical, Shipbuilding, Brick, Pulp and Paper, and Boiler manufacturing and repair.

Darco Southern maintains a large inventory of Tetraglas (Fiberglass) and Tetraglas 3000 (Silica) in cloths, tapes, sleeving, and ropes. Tetraglas cloths have MSHA BC 109 certification for underground mining. Tetraglas 3000 is MIL-I-24244, MIL-C-24576, and NCR 1.36 approved. In addition to their primary products, Darco Southern maintains a large inventory of coated and treated fiberglass products, non-asbestos compressed sheets, PTFE envelopes, joint sealants and sheets, and a wide variety of rubber and silicone goods.

Darco Southern’s Quality Control complies to MIL-I-45208; with an average workforce experience of more than fifteen (15) years, customers can be assured of a High quality product. Their Fabrication Departments specialize in custom products; they can handle 1 to 100,000 units on time and in specification.

Darco Southern, Inc.'s Fabrication Departments consist of:

  • Teflon and Vulcanization
  • Traveling (2) and clicker punch presses
  • Coating, impregnation
  • Kitting and packaging
  • Sewing, slitting, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and specialty fastener installation (including hook and loop application)Darco Southern, Inc..

In December 2006, Darco Southern added the Lectra Pro Spin ST to accommodate their rapidly expanding custom textile fabrication. The Pro Spin ST is a CAD driven textile cutter, capable of cutting, drilling, and labeling at up to 180ft/minute. Coupled with their digitizer, customers can send samples which become converted to produce an infinite amount of shapes and sizes.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact Darco Southern: with over 30 years in the business, they can find what you need. If they don’t have it, they probably can get it through their numerous sources.

You can rely on Darco Southern for High quality products, on time delivery, and cost effective pricing. Darco Southern now services more than 1200 customer's world wide.

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