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Category: Motor Controllers
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Dart Controls, MDII Series Digital Motor Speed Controls

Located in Zionsville, Indiana Dart Controls, Inc. has been a pioneer in the design of SCR, Digital, and Brushless DC Motor speed controls since 1963.

Dart’s product line includes analog SCR DC drives to three horsepower, PWM DC drives to one horsepower, digital closed loop DC drives to two horsepower, brushless DC & battery DC speed controls, digital closed loop control interfaces for AC or DC drive systems, digital tachometers for rate & time, plus speed sensors and accessories. Customers can fit the controls to their specific application with a variety of available option cards. Controls are available as open chassis, NEMA 1 or NEMA 4X enclosedDart Controls, SCR DC Speed Controls.

Over the last decade Dart has implemented the concepts of lean manufacturing. Though the use of lean tools such as Standard Work, Kanban, Kaizen, JIT, Visual Systems, and Poka-Yoke (error proofing) the Dart team continues to refine its processes and practices. The benefit to customers is a reduction to their inventory made possible by Dart’s flexible support systems and ability to reliably deliver any size order with an extremely fast turnaround.

Dart Controls is ISO 9001:2000 Registered and RoHS Compliant.


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