Data Translation, Inc.

Data Translation, founded in 1973 and headquartered in Marlboro, Mass., is a leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of data acquisition solutions for test and measurement. With expertise in the design of high-accuracy, high-quality hardware and application software, Data Translation partners with end users and OEMs to achieve their test and measurement goals. With more than thirty five years of experience, customers have come to rely on Data Translation for its world-class software, design proficiency, high-quality manufacturing, and customer service. Data Translation has a worldwide presence, with offices in the US and Europe and distribution in more than 40 countries. Data Translation products are manufactured in the USA.

Over thirty five years of innovation began with a data acquisition board that converted real-world analog data to digital information that could be processed by a computer. Years later, Data Translation engineers developed an industry breakthrough: the first multifunction data acquisition board. Today, Data Translation continues its dominance in data acquisition hardware.  Featuring modules designed for the USB bus, which range from low cost modules to high performance modules, and combine high speed and high accuracy with the power and convenience of USB. Even greater barriers were broken with the introduction of the world's fastest simultaneous USB data acquisition module with throughput rates up to 2.0MHz per channel.

Data Translation, Inc. Data Translation, Inc. Data Translation, Inc.
Data Translation, Inc. Data Translation, Inc. Data Translation, Inc.
Data Translation, Inc. Data Translation, Inc. Data Translation, Inc.

In 2001, Data Translation launched a new application software package, Measure Foundry. This powerful test and measurement software is a rapid application development environment that allows anyone to easily and quickly create measurement applications without programming. Using a drag and drop graphical interface, combined with property pages, the user can create sophisticated measurement solutions in a fraction of the time needed with previous packages.

In 2007, a new add-on to Measure Foundry was introduced that allows users to quickly and easily configure applications with LXI instrument capabilities using IVI-COM drivers. This opened up Measure Foundry to the world of instruments. Existing industry interfaces such as GPIB, PXI/VXI, RS-232, and USB are also supported through SCPI commands via the VISA transport layer.

In late 2007, Data Translation also introduced its first LXI compatible instrument. TEMPpoint is a series of easy-to-use temperature measurement instruments. Accuracy is embodied through design features that are unmatched in any other instrument. This product represents the company's entrance into the instrument world. In 2008, an Ethernet version of TEMPpoint was introduced.

In early 2009, Data Translation introduced its second LXI compatible instrument. VOLTpoint is a series of precision high-voltage measurement instruments designed for measuring a wide range of voltage inputs; ideally suited for lithium-ion cell-by-cell battery testing. VOLTpoint is available in both USB and Ethernet configurations.

In Summer 2009, Data Translation added to the company's test and measurement instrumentation product line with MEASURpoint, a highly accurate, multipurpose instrument solution designed to simultaneously correlate temperature and voltage measurements. MEASURpoint is available in both USB and Ethernet (LXI Class C compliant) versions. The instrument product line containing TEMPpoint, VOLTpoint and MEASURpoint incorporates proprietary ISO-Channel technology that makes measurements almost indestructible by eliminating common mode noise and ground loop problems under all environmental conditions.

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