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Category: Sensor Chips
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Nothing performs better than a Dexter detector.

Dexter Research Center, Inc.Since 1977, Dexter Research has been the preferred provider of infrared thermopile detectors for science and industry. Today they offer the world’s largest selection of thermopile-based solutions including high-quality, high-output Bismuth-Antimony thin film and silicon-based infrared-sensing thermopile detectors. Dexter offers standard detectors in high volumes. They also customize detectors for specific needs. Integrated modules serve as complete sensing subsystems. Customers in scientific research, automotive, aerospace, home appliances, security systems, medical equipment, and more now rely on Dexter Research for the highest-performance detectors.

Dexter Research offers 31 core thermopile products, more than all global competitors combined, each 100% tested for industry-leading quality. They now provide customers with a choice from over 1100 thermopile configurations, and they have new thermopile detectors coming on-line and new customers using their products around the world.

Dexter Research Center, Inc.

Dexter Research will remain the global center of expertise for infrared thermopile detector-enabled products. They will continue to be the world’s leading source of infrared thin-film thermopiles and silicon-based thermopile detectors.


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A Simple DC Radiometer (Temperature Sensing) One of many applications of the thermopile detector is the remote measurement of temperature. In this Application brief we explain the basic principles of remote temperature measurement. Every object... (View Full Article)
Aperture Options (Switches) Dexter Research offers a wide variety of package hole sizes and internal apertures which can be used to modify the Field of View (FOV) of single element detectors or minimize cross talk in... (View Full Article)