DoRodo® International brings together a wide variety of globally recognized caster and wheel manufacturers into one easy sales organization. Whether your requirement is a standard industrial caster, a light duty twin wheel caster, institutional or specialty casters, DoRodo® international is your one stop source. Through global and domestic sourcing we offer a comprehensive selection of quality products including Foot Master® Leveling Casters, and Schioppa North America® Institutional and Industrial Casters and Wheels. Twin Wheel Caster Solutions® manufactures some of the highest and most consistent quality nylon twin wheel casters available on the market today.

DoRodo International, LLC   DoRodo International, LLC   DoRodo International, LLC

Foot Master® North America warehouses and distributes the FOOTMASTER® line of casters in the United States and Canada.

Our distribution center in the outskirts Grand Rapids, MI USA inventories a complete line of FOOTMASTER® leveling casters for easy leveling adjustment of machines and equipment.

G-DOK Industries, manufacturer of FOOTMASTER® casters, was started in 1989 by Mr. K.S. Chung. Through Mr. Chung's leadership, G-DOK Industries has grown into a leading manufacturer of casters and wheels, dedicated to advanced product development and design.


Schioppa is the largest caster and wheel manufacturer in Latin America, with over 60 years of history, a team of professionals who love what they do, the largest product mix of the market, customized solutions and the satisfaction warranty that no other manufacturer provides.

Schioppa North America’s distribution center and sales office is located in Grand Rapids, MI (USA) with distributors in all major cities.

Schioppa Casters and Wheels are the market's leading brand, using top notch technology to deliver every kind of casters and wheels to the most diverse applications.


Twin Wheel Solutions offers a full and comprehensive selection of nylon composite single and twin wheel casters. We manufacture casters utilizing the highest and most consistent quality nylon composite material, combined with steel axles in the industry.

Twin Wheel Solutions maintains a large inventory of both standard and unique specialty casters and components, ready for immediate delivery. Superior logistical abilities and comprehensive inventory allow us to respond to your immediate needs or manage your blanket order requirements, with the trust you deserve. Whether your requirement is one piece or thousands, Twin Wheel solutions will deliver to you the quality caster you require, on time, at a price that is always competitive.

DoRodo International, LLC   DoRodo International, LLC   DoRodo International, LLC

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