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Category: Grinders and Grinding Machines
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Drake is a mid-sized US manufacturer of new and re-manufactured CNC grinders, which are used in the production of automotive parts, taps, gages, ball screws, gears, bearings, surgical screws and other precision parts.

Its product line includes thread grinders, internal and external grinders, gear grinders, rack mills, hobbers, and universal grinders. The company also offers CNC Control Renewal Services for mechanically sound machine tools that need a “brain transplant.”

Drake machines are designed and built to produce quality parts out the door from Day One.

At Drake, advanced technology, innovative process development and unequaled product support combine to deliver profit-making solutions to customers’ manufacturing problems.

The Drake Production Philosophy
From its inception, Drake realized that customers don’t want machines per se; they want good parts from the first day onward.

That’s why Drake has taken the mystery out of producing good parts by identifying the part processing steps and providing menus to input grinding parameters easily into the CNC control.  

With Drake machines, no programming knowledge is required, and part changeovers can be accomplished in as little as 15-minutes!

Experts in automotive steering systems
Over the years Drake has developed a complete line of machines for producing each major component in modern steering gear systems:

  • 5-Axis Profile Gear Grinders
  • Worm Grinders
  • Gear Hobbers
  • Rack Mills
  • Linear Motor Vertical Thread Mills

From hydraulic rack nuts, to rack and pinion, to e-steer, few builders offer the breadth and depth of steering component experience that Drake does.

Drake machines fit easily into manufacturing cell environments and can be equipped with the latest automation packages.

Drake has installations and customer service throughout the world.

Drake Manufacturing, Inc.

Drake GS:TE-LM External Thread Grinder


Drake Manufacturing, Inc.

Drake Thread Grinders

Drake Manufacturing, Inc.

Drake Gear & Worm Grinders

Drake Manufacturing, Inc.

Drake Rack Mills

Drake Manufacturing, Inc.

Drake Universal Grinders

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