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Category: Shaker Controllers
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DynaTronic Corporation

DynaTronic Corporation was formed by an innovative and professional team, who are dedicating to vibration test and measurement fields.

DynaTronic Corporation provides leading edge instrumentation for vibration testing and measurement, e.g., VENZO 800 vibration controller can provide you with the most comprehensive vibration control software modules, including: random, sine, classical shock, RSTD, SRS, SoR,SoS,RoR, SRoR, TTH and FDR and other auxiliary applications. Each module provides basic functions and optional functions, so you can customize the desired system. The grateful and characteristics which contain simple operation, rich control function, improved analysis and reporting features, easy-to-upgrade hardware and software, and high reliability and quality contributes the high cost-effective for VENZO 800 series vibration controller.

Now we are enlarging the global team for supporting customers with worldwide network of sales offices and field technical engineers. Based on the customers' support, we continue to focus on the improvement of current products and development of new product.

DynaTronic Corporation will devote itself to make a well-known reputation of reliable system, good quality and excellent performance.


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