Dynacast is the world's largest die caster of zinc, aluminum and magnesium parts for thousands of companies in hundreds of industries. They engineer precision components by combining the most modern production technologies with superior tooling craftsmanship.

Dyancast formulates the proper strength, rigidity, weight and thermal characteristics for every component to create custom solutions for their clients.  They help companies all over the world save millions of dollars by identifying components and assemblies in their manufacturing operation that can be redesigned for die casting. 

Dynacast has a long history of delivering added value to their customers through their proprietary technology, efficient manufacturing operations and Advanced Quality Planning systems.  Contact Dynacast today to see how they can work with you to save you money, or take advantage of one of their free on-site Die Casting Design Seminars.

The products you use every day
are made better by Dynacast.


  • High volume cost-effective production with consistent quality
  • Value engineered parts save money by eliminating costly post-casting operations
  • Easily manufacture complex net shaped parts with tight tolerances
  • Lower tool cost and longer tool life
  • Lowest total acquisition cost

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